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To be able to watch your child grow is the biggest blessing one can ask for, but parents usually tend to waste this precious time getting worried about their increasing expenses on clothing. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore once upon a child will help you buy quality products for your child at affordable prices.

What Can You Find at Our Stores?

Once upon a child is a largest franchise thrift store for your child’s shopping. It will probably have all the items of clothing and furniture you are looking to shop for your kid, you wouldn’t have to waste your time anymore roaming around the whole city.

Setting up your kid’s room? Once upon a child is the best option for you. We have everything under one roof at affordable prices, may it be toys for your new-born, his furniture, clothes or other accessories.

Are your children bored of the old toys? Well, it might be a good time to exchange these toys with refurbished one’s.  Not only will you find toys at our website, but you may also find informative books for your child.

An Overview About Once Upon a Child

Once upon a child is a baby garments and baby products store located at the Whaley Centre in Fayetteville North Carolina. It has a widespread network of nationwide branches of nationwide stores for your convenience, not only this it also has a website www.onceuponachild.com  where you can have a look at the in- store items.

Not only can you buy your child’s cloth at affordable price but you can also sell his old, clothes which do not fit him anymore. “Finally, you wouldn’t have to dump your child’s old clothes and your closets will be able to breathe.”

How Does the Process of Selling Work?

Our selling process is very easy, and it won’t get you into any hustle. There are only three steps which need to be followed in order to sell your items:

  1. Bring your clean and nicely packed items at our stores. The articles that you want to sell should be cleaned and shouldn’t be in a harmful condition. The clothes should be folded in a box.
  2. Get the items checked by our team. Our team will check if the articles that you have brought meet our requirements.
  3. Receive your cash.

Why Should you Shop From us?

We believe in equality and work hard tirelessly to remove the misconception from people’s mind that thrift stores are for poor people only. We do not compromise on quality and we ensure you that you will find quality products at affordable prices.

We have a reward policy for our customers. Once you sign up, this policy provides you with special discounts and gives them a chance to win gifts. In addition to this, you will earn points with every purchase or sale of items.

What is our Aim?

According to statistics a child dies every 15 seconds due to poverty, this is indeed very unfortunate and sad. We aim to help our society in every possible way that we can. Our team tirelessly works hard to find ways to help those who are under privileged and help them fulfill their child’s basic necessity clothing.

Not only this we are of the view that our planet’s limited resources should be saved for our future generations. Thus, we refurbish, recycle and reuse the ‘gently-used’ clothing items.

Where Can You Contact us?

Our headquarters is located in Fayetteville NC. In case of any query you may email us at info@thewhaleycenter.com

To get notified about our new in stock items, deals, discounts and store events follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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