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30 Window Tint

There are several degrees to which you can tint your car windows.

Window Tint Percentages

It is worth learning about the possibilities before you commit if your vehicle does not come with window tint or if you believe you may like a darker and lighter hue. The percentages of window tint and the kind of window tint are very different. You cannot receive the protection and overall experience that you want if you don’t choose the correct one. Don’t worry, though, and you can tell everything you want to know in our vehicle window dye percentage guide!

Percentages of Window Tints: Understand Your Options!

When it comes to automotive window tinting, you have a wide range of possibilities from 5% to 90%. The proportions correspond to the visual light transmission (VLT), which is the quantity of visible light through the windows. So the lower the proportion, the darker the tint is.

How Black is a Car’s Glass With 30 percent Tint?

Thirty percent Tint is light and generally acceptable. The tint is light. The permissible tinting value of any car window is evaluated by the amount of light passing through the tinted glass. The law on the window tint ensures a low enough light transmission for the driver’s visibility in tinted car windows.

Calculating VLT

Although this may sound rather straightforward, one factor needs to be taken into account. Most vehicles are not entirely clear glass from the start. Indeed, nearly everybody has a VLT of around 80%. So when determining how much light actually happens, you have to take this into account.

For example, you would need to multiply the two if you were to add 5% tint to the glass that had 80% tint already. (5% x 80% = 4%). This means the aggregate VLT of the vehicle would be 4%. Don’t worry; most window film experts can identify the percentage of your tinted car windows only by looking at them. Their experience comes from many years. In order to find out, though, simply measure it with equipment identical to that used by the police. This gives you a very precise reading, on which you can count.

The Darkness of 30 Window Tint

It’s a bit challenging, because of what is dark or not. It is an opinion. The answer quickly is that 85% of the visible light is cut by fifteen films. So yes, it’s quite dark. So yes. However, I placed this film, and people were astonished by the brightness from within. It is somewhat dark from the outside and looks like a privacy glass standard on the back of SUVs and transporters.

If the window tint comes in a respected mark (that is not to enhance the technical specifications of the tint), the tint will have a 30% visible light transmission (it will block 70 percent of the visible light that hits its surface). The percentage really relates to the visible light transmission (VLT), which is how much light a window film can flow through. You speak about VLT level when you mention “30% dye,” therefore, the film only allows 30% of light through the dye. Lower VLT window tint is darker and provides better ultraviolet protection in general.

Consider the Look of Your Car

Note that dyeing your car modifies its appearance unless it’s quite high. With tinted windows, your interior feels different, and your outside has a different look. Decide what look you want to help you determine the percentage of tint you want for your car.

Choose a High Quality Tint

Regardless of your choice of tint %, always go with a quality film. It means you need to purchase the film from a professional window tinting store, not to buy a film online




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